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Programs and Services

Dedicated to supporting the healthy lifestyle choices of students by providing health and wellness education and resources.

Outreach and workshops are generally provided by request. If you are interested in collaborating with HEO on programs, presentations, outreach events or workshops, please fill out Program/presentation request form. HEO provides programming for students on the following topics:

  • Alcohol/drugs

  • Sexual health/sexuality

  • Stress

  • Sleep

  • Exercise/nutrition

Note: the above list serves as a basic guideline of programs offered by HEO. Possible programs are not limited to such categories. For more information on customizing a program, contact

Health Education Information

Peer Wellness Coaching

The goal of PWC is to support students in maintaining and/or improving their own personal wellness using the eight dimensions of wellness, empowerment, motivational interviewing, positive psychology, and goal setting. PWC strives to do this by helping to generate tools and strategies that are meaningful to you, the student, by:

  • Assisting in goal setting and timeframes to establish accountability

  • Navigating campus life and culture

  • Navigating cultural changes/difference

  • Navigating stress, anxiety, roommate/friend/partner issues with goal setting, resources and referrals

HEO and the peer wellness coaches recognize that no one is the expert except you.

Peer wellness coaching is available by appointment. Please drop in, email, or complete the PWC appointment request

HIV Testing

HIV testing is offered weekly at HEO, by a trained HIV tester/counselor through Los Angeles County. The INSTI Rapid HIV1/2 Antibody results test is offered. Tests are generated within 1 minute by a minimally invasive finger prick blood sample. For more information on the testing offered visit

Testing times: 2-4 p.m. No appointment needed

1st Wednesday of every month at the Queer Resource Center (link:

2nd, 3rd, 4th Wednesday of every month at the HEO center

*Testing starts 9/7. Testing occurs only when classes are in session.

Condoms and Safe-sex Barriers

HEO offers free condoms and barriers to all students. Types of protection include male/insertive condoms, female/internal condoms, finger condoms, dental dams and gloves. We have a variety of brands and sizes, as well as lubrication. Students may take up to six condoms per visit. RAs, proctors, mentors, and sponsors may take 12 condoms per visit. All condoms are free. Non-latex condoms are also available.

Work for HEO

HEO hires student staff each year. The application process begins in April for the following academic year. HEO hires both work-study and regular pay students, as well as volunteers and CGU MPH interns. Please email for more information.

Sexual Assault

HEO is concerned about the well-being of all students, including those who are survivors of sexual assault. Survivors or friends seeking help for survivors are encouraged to use the following 7C resources: