Central Facilities Shops

Utility Shop
Supervisor: Bob Willis
Tel: 909-607-3429

The Utility Shop provides a broad range of services focused on the maintenance of buildings and grounds. The Utility Shop is tasked with maintaining all the grounds on the CUC campus, as well as supporting the operation of the former quarry site known as the East Campus. Shop tradesmen are experienced and equipped to perform the following services:

Plumbing & Heating
Supervisor: Craig Hoisington
Tel: 909-607-3343

The Plumbing & Heating Shop is active in supporting the activities of both the Gas Company and the Water Company in locating underground utility lines, valves and clean-outs on the college campus. Tradesmen are trained and licensed to perform the following services:

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Shop
Supervisor: Don Grubbs
Tel: 909-607-1280

The Refrigeration & AC Shop is responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of all types of refrigeration and HVAC systems. The Shop also provides technical support services to clients installing and commissioning capital HVAC systems. Systems that are serviced and supported by the Shop include:

Electric & Key Shop
Supervisor: Brent Nevius
Tel: 909-607-3431

The Electric Shop works on electrical systems from 4,160 volt electrical distribution systems down to 12 volt alarm systems. Because an increasingly large proportion of locks on the campus are electronic locking systems, the Key Shop has been combined with the electric shop, insuring efficient installation and servicing of such systems. All work is performed by experienced tradesmen who are licensed to perform the various tasks required. Work performed by the Electric/Key Shop includes:

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