Key Result Areas

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In a multi-year Strategic Planning Process, Claremont University Consortium (CUC) established five Key Result Areas (KRAs). These KRAs strengthen and guide decision making and allocation of resources to best align with meeting the needs of users.

  1. KRA 1
    Building Market Competitiveness of Services
    Claremont University Consortium (CUC) is committed to the delivery of market competitive services that achieve a quality level of distinction. To accomplish this, it is necessary to define “market” and “market competitiveness” of CUC’s services from the varying perspectives of its user institutions. CUC is defining market standards of each service, identifying peer comparison institutions, and determining criteria for distinctiveness of selected services. An outgrowth of this work is developing an evaluative process and gathering data for each of the services in order to identify their place among their market competitors, to determine which services are currently leaders within their competitive markets, and to define aspirational goals.
  2. KRA 2
    Building the Financial Value of Services
    CUC provides financial value to our customers by offering high-quality, efficient services that (a) exceed in quantity and/or quality at the same price what any single institution could offer on its own or (b) provide an equal quality and quantity service at a lower financial cost than a single institution could operating on its own. By analyzing the cost of each service in a group (consortial) financial model compared to an individual college financial model, CUC provides demonstrated economies of scale benefit to its constituents. The KRA team utilizes metrics to develop benchmarks and to measure CUC’s performance in achieving financial value on a multi-year comparative basis.
  3. KRA 3
    Neutral Center for Entrepreneurship and Experimentation
    CUC is the hosting institution for developing and experimenting with establishment of new and innovative services that improve the breadth, quality, or cost-effectiveness of services to The Claremont Colleges (TCC). In particular, CUC seeks opportunities to expand and transfer high-quality practices and services found at one college to other colleges, and to create practices and services that are not currently available at TCC but that CUC believes will add value to the consortium.
  4. KRA 4
    National Reputation and Branding
    CUC is strongly focused on building the national reputation and brand of The Claremont Colleges (TCC) as the standard bearer for collaboration in the higher education market. Promotion of this distinctive, higher education model complements both common and individual institutional interests, and provides opportunities for members to realize new partnerships and areas of collaboration. CUC leads this effort by positively and proactively emphasizing the unique advantages of the consortial model in the academic and student services spheres, including greater opportunities for academic collaboration; integrated systems and services that cross campus boundaries; increased social and cultural exchange; and a higher capacity for interdisciplinary research.
  5. KRA 5
    Our People and Our Culture
    In order to achieve the standard of “service above self,” CUC must build and maintain a strong and vibrant internal culture that builds, supports, and nurtures highly skilled, passionate, and dedicated staff. CUC is implementing programs that foster the attitudes, knowledge, and skills needed by our staff to succeed in the new CUC and, most importantly, focus on the skills our managers need in a culture of accountability. These programs will be complemented by appropriate evaluation and rewards systems for all levels of staff and by policies and practices designed to attract and retain the highest quality staff.

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